Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Happy Earth Day!

Is it a coincidence that I'm starting this blog on Earth Day? I had been wondering for several weeks what action to take in the spirit of Earth Day, and to be honest with you, I couldn't come up with anything that seemed both personally and practically meaningful, which is what I wanted. Not having formulated any plan of action, I completely forgot that it was Earth Day this morning when I woke up. However, I had an epiphany recently which has gotten the cogs of my brain turning, and the fireworks of my imagination lighting!

I'm reading The Artist's Way, which is a self-taught course in learning how to be more creative. It really has worked for me, in many ways, which I'm discovering gradually as I stick with it. The author and architect of the course, Julia Cameron, talks about synchronicity as being the convergence of hopes, and opportunities, and the way to cultivate it is a fascinatingly 'back-door' process. I think my starting my blog today must be what she's talking about, because there was no conscious thought of Earth Day for me in taking it. It was writing and reflecting in my 'morning pages' (aka journal)... that got me generating ideas, literally, about what to do with my life, as I've been doing since January.

You'll learn what I'm all fired up about if you read my profile. It's Earth Day, and I am very glad that I found something personally significant and practical to do in that spirit, and without really trying. I really hope to continue this momentum!